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The password reminder plugin, is a simple script used to send a password reminder and login link to someone who has forgotten how to login.

To use it, enable this script on site.config for the welcome.password page. For security purposes, this script is designed to NOT load automatically, and must be enabled manually.

enablePassword: welcome.password   

Then you need these values set on site.config. There may be other settings you need to change to enable email capabilities on your server as well, so be sure to test.

mysite: BoltWire

Last, to customize this plugin, you can edit the content on pages welcome.password, welcome.password.sent, and the actual email message by editing code.message.password.

Encrypted Passwords

This script only works if you do not have passwordsencrypted, which is the default setting in BoltWire. And it sends an actual copy of the password via the email to the user. If you require a more secure system, be sure to set your site to use encrypted passwords before creating your first account (the admin account) by adding this line to your site index.php file.

$cryptkey = 'some value';

You will then need to create an alternate password reminder script. Typically you create a link with some embedded code that authorizes them to either login or allows them to reset their password. If you need help with something like this, let me know.

Note: It's not easy to switch from non-encrypted passwords to encrypted, and it's impossible to switch from an encrypted to a non-encrypted system, so make this decision carefully.