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Want to create your own custom language pack? Or add to an existing language pack? BoltWire comes with a special plugin called langmaker which makes this a breeze.

To use it, just go to site.languages.maker and follow the instructions there. Basically, you copy your language template into google translate. Then copy the output into the language maker form and specify the new language name. Tidy up as needed, and click CREATE.

Instant language file!

To add new terms to a language file, simply edit the existing language pack.

To add multiple terms, you can use the language maker if you wish. Enter your list of terms into google translate, save it to a "temp" language file. Then manually copy and paste those entries to your current language pack--to avoid overwriting any existing entries in your language file. Then delete the temp file.

Note: There's also a langcheck plugin, which examines a language pack to see how it compares with your current language template. Use it to see what terms are missing from your language pack, or to see if your template needs updating.

See the langcheck plugin for more information on how that works.