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It's no longer so cool to put an iframe on a site, but it used to be all the rage. If you want to go retro and put one on your site, it's easy enough to do.

This function loads automatically when called, but if you have dynafunc turned off you will need to enable the plugin directly in your site.config file by adding this line:


To use it, just call the iframe function and specify the full url of the page you want to display. Optionally, you can use a simple BoltWire page name.

Here's is a simple example of what it looks like:


Generally however, you are going to want to add some styling, if for no other reason, to set the height and width of the box. Here's another example, with a full url, some GET parameters and some styling:

[(iframe "" style='border: solid 2px red; height: 700px; width: 550px;')]

Many common sites disallow iframes, but if you have a need for this plugin, it's easy enough to use.