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The hotlinks script lets you create a list of words (with definitions) that get automatically highlighted when those words appear. Then, when you waive your mouse over the word, those definitions magically appear. And if you include a page name in your hotlinks definition, it will even link to that page.

No markup required on your part at all.

To get this to work, simply create a page called info.hotlinks and add entries like the following:

highlighted: Text with a background color.
plugins: An extension to the core script. | docs.extensions.plugins
markup: Syntax that converts to html. | docs.handbook.markups

Then add an entry like this to your site.config page. Note that this script cannot be enabled dynamically, like some of our plugins:


Note in the second and third entry, a page name is supplied to go with the definition turning those words into links. The first term, is highlighted, but does not generate a link.

You can use a different page for your hotlinks list by resetting it in site.config (hotlinks: And you can also create a "hotlinks" data variable on any given page, and if found, the hotlinks script will use that content to create your hotlinks list. This allows you to have a different set of hotlinks on any given page, or override your default list on specific pages.