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The acronym GUI stands for graphical user interface. And BoltWire has a simple plugin for adding more of a "gui" to your text boxes.

Compare for example the following two boxes. Not that the only difference is the the latter has gui set to true. To use these buttons, select text in your box and then click the desired button to add the desired markup:

[box demo cols=40 rows=5][box]

[box demo cols=40 rows=5 gui=true][box]

This script uses two different embed functions: code.embed.gui and code.embed.guiscript. You probably should avoid editing the second one, as that is the mechanism used by the gui buttons. But you may wish to edit the first script to customize which buttons are displayed and what markups they generate.

Note that there are a number of unused icons in the gui graphics folder, including a blank graphic you can use as a template to create new icons.