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The core distribution now comes with a simplified forum plugin to help you get an interactive forum going quickly. It just uses core code, and consists of several pages designed to help you jump start your forum immediately.


As usual, you can customize these as desired, use them as is, or create an entirely different structure to your forum. It's fully up to you.

Features in this basic forum include:

  • Each post is timestamped, and includes the authors id.
  • The main forum page displays recent posts as well as comment posters.
  • You can control how many recent posts are displayed.
  • Logged in members can post comments.
  • All comments are logged on site.comments for easy moderation.
  • Anyone with an account can start a new post, or comment.
  • Editors and admins can pre-schedule forum posts at set times.
  • Post content, titles, and comments can be easily edited.
  • And much more...

There are many other ways to design a forum however. On the BoltWire site, for example, which runs off our accelerator platform, we have multiple forum groups, to help organize topics. We also index forum content which makes searching for an old blog post quick and easy. And we have more interactive comments with profile pics and tagging. And we display posts with recent comments in the side menu using the lastmodified sort parameter.

If you would like access to a more sophisticated forum platform, consider our Hosting program. It's turn key and ready to go. No guess work and instant results! :)