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The core installation of BoltWire comes with an undo action which allows you to see recent versions of a page you have edited, and restore one of those versions. But if you have a lot of content on a page, it can be long scrolling through all the various versions of the page, and you may not be able to tell immediately what the differences are between versions.

This plugin pulls back a script from the early days of BoltWire that compares the differences between two pages and highlights the changes between them. I've also included a diff action in the shared folders pages to use this function. If you compare the two, you'll notice both are very similar--only the template for each displayed page is different.

To use it, enable this plugin on your site.config page by adding this line to your site.config file:


Then make some changes on a page, or maybe a couple different changes, and then add &action=diff to the url. Go ahead, give it a try...