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Here is a simply little script used to convert numbers into a currency format. To use it, enable it sidewide or on specific pages as desired by adding this line to your site.config file:


To use it, put a function like this on your page:

<(currency 100)>       $100.00
<(currency 3.1415926)>       $3.14
<(currency $1000)>       $1000.00
<(currency 37 symbol=£)>       £37.00
<(currency €73 symbol=€)>       €73.00

This is especially useful if you are not sure whether or not there is a currency denominator preceding the amount.

Not there is also a reverse function, where you can put fmt=number to an amount with a currency symbol and the currency will be stripped away.

<(currency $100 fmt=number)>       100