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BoltWire has had the ability to import/export content from one site to another for some time. I developed it to allow BoltWire users to import announcements from our main site right into their admin dashboard. Might be worth bringing that back actually! :)

Anyway to use it, you have to tweak a few things on both the sending and the receiving sites, and make sure everything is set just right. Here's how you do it.

Site A
First, enable the curly plugin on the sending site. We recommend enabling it for specific pages only unless you are serving information from a whole set of pages for example.


Note that these pages need to be viewable by guests, or other sites will not be able to fetch the page content.

Second, create a page called site.curly and enter a code for each page you wish to share. For example: 1234 5678

Site B:
To retrieve the content of one these pages into another BoltWire site, you need to make sure you have curly enabled on the page you want to import the content. Then, simply enter syntax like the following to retrieve the content:


or just

<(curly 5678)>

Note that the content will come as fully formatted html, and displayed exactly as received, so you should only fetch content from a trusted source.