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The comment plugin, isn't really a plugin all, but a simple "comment" block that comes installed in the core distribution, containing just out-of-the-box BoltWire markup.

To use it, just include block.comments on a page. To install comments on a set of pages (like a forum or a blog) put it in the footer. You may want to wrap it in conditionals so it does not display on zone pages (like the side zone, or header and footer pages).   

Some of the basic features include:

  • Comments are suppressed when a page is printed.
  • If there is a "question" data field on the page it will be inserted.
  • Recent comments are logged on site.comments for easy moderation.
  • Posters can preview their post before submitting.
  • Names are only displayed as links for logged in members.
  • Visitors must log into post a comment.

To tweak the comments or add styling, etc, modify the block.comments page. The template for the individual comments is found at code.template.comments. Here's what it looks like. Feel free to test it out: