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BoltWire comes with a number of plugins you can use to easily extend it's capabilities. Visit our Solutions section for a current list.

Adding Plugins

If the plugin, comes with a php file, drop it into your boltwire/shared/plugins folder. Once there it will be available for installation on any of your sites.

To enable the script, go to site.config and add a line like either of the following to the bottom of the page:

enablePlugin2: test*,,

The first enables plugin1.php sitewide. The second enables plugin2.php for all pages in the test hierarchy, plus two specific pages: and Generally it is best to only enable plugins where they are needed.

Note: You can see what plugins are enabled on a given page, with the {plugins} variable.

Follow Instructions

Some plugins come with various pages or graphics. These need to be unzipped and placed in the appropriate locations. Others may have configuration options you can set in site.config, or may suggest lines to add to code.settings. Follow the instructions on the plugin page carefully. Repeat these instructions for any site you wish to use the plugin on.

Local Plugins

If have a custom plugin you only need to use in one site, you can also put it in the local field's "config" folder. BoltWire will find it just fine. This will also be useful if you have a plugin working on several sites (the shared folder), but you want to modify its behavior in one specific site (the config folder). Enable it in site.config.

Updating Plugins

Plugins sometimes get revised to fix problems, add features, or otherwise improve the code. To upgrade your sites, simply copy the new script over your existing one. All sites will be upgraded instantly.

If you have customized a plugin, you will have to fix the new plugin to include your changes, to keep them from being overwritten...

Other Options

Because of the way BoltWire is designed, most plugins require very little code. Sometimes, putting them all in one script is simpler. There are two ways to do this in BoltWire:

If you have multiple plugins specific to one site, create a config.php file in the local field's config folder, and paste your code there. it gets loaded into your system automatically. You do NOT have to enable it in site.config.

If you have several plugins you want to use on all your sites (your farm), create a farm.php script containing all your code and put it in your shared plugins folder. If found, it too will be automatically loaded into your system. No enabling needed.

If you use either of these approaches and a plugin gets upgraded, you will need to manually copy any changes over to these scripts.