Basic Concepts

Mac Server

This tutorial will help Mac users to install and run BoltWire an their Mac. Using BoltWire offline has at least one big advantage: Nobody will see your experiments and when you break your site.


"MAMP" is an acronym: Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP. It installs a local server which will enable you to run BoltWire on your Mac offline. For additional information about MAMP visit its Wikipedia entry.


Double click the downloaded disk image to install it. Then drag the MAMP folder to your Applications folder. MAMP will not run if placed somewhere else.

Double click to extract the downloaded Zip file. You will end up with a folder called boltwire. Drag this folder to your user's Sites folder. A different location is possible this time.


Run MAMP. Shortly afterwards two green lights should indicate that your local server is up and running. Open the preferences and navigate to its Apache tab. Set the Document Root to the parent folder of the "boltwire" folder, for example "/Users/you/Sites" but not "~/Sites".

To build your first site create a new folder next to the boltwire folder in your user's Sites folder. Rename it to any lowercase string without any spaces (e.g. "mysite").
Now, open a text editor and save the contents specified here? as "index.php" in the folder you created previously (e.g. "mysite"). When using TextEdit choose "Format > Make Rich Text" first. Otherwise you will not be able to save the file as "index.php".


Make sure that MAMP is running. Open your browser and navigate to:


Replace "mysite" with the field name you have chosen before.

You should now see your BoltWire site. First click on register to register the admin user account that you set up in your "index.php" file. You can freely choose a password. If you skip this step, your admin account can be registered by anyone having access to your site.

Upload to the Web via FTP

After you have uploaded BoltWire to your web space, you should be able to browse your BoltWire site under your domain.

There are two widely used free FTP clients for the Mac:

After your upload has finished you have to set file access permissions from within your FTP client. Set permissions of your field to 777. The BoltWire folder and its subfolders need to be set to 755.

In Cyberduck simply right click a file or folder and choose Info from the context menu. Alternatively you can press cmd+i. In FileZilla right click a file or folder and choose File Attributes... from the context menu.