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Tutorials > Index File

The index.php file is the main file used in the URL that launches BoltWire. Normally it only contains three lines:

$BOLTadmin = 'admin';


If you wish to assign more than one individual to BOLTadmin status, enter their names as a CSV list, ie: 'bob,charlie,dave'. Do not include any spaces. And be sure to use member id's, not member names. That is, they should all be lower case.

Note: there is a slight difference between BOLTadmins set in the index file (or a config file) and members in an Admin membership group. BOLTadmins have unlimited authority in the field. Admins have the permissions specified by your authorization settings, which while substantial can be limited. It is safer to assign individuals to the admin group than to give them BOLTadmin status.

Non-standard Installations

If you have a nonstandard BoltWire installation you will need to modify the path to the engine, as well as one or more of the following variables to match your installation. Otherwise do not modify the default values.

$boltwire = '../boltwire';
$barnPath = "$boltwire/barn";
$scriptPath = "$barnPath/scripts";
$systemPath = "$barnPath/system";
$farmPath = "$boltwire/farm";
$imgPath = "$farmPath/img";
$pubPath = "$farmPath/pub";
$pluginPath = "$farmPath/plugins";
$skinPath = "$farmPath/skins";
$fieldURL = '';*
$fieldName = 'field';*
$index = 'index.php';
$scriptURL = "$fieldURL$index?p=";
$pagesDir = 'pages';
$configDir = 'config';

Note fieldURL and fieldName are normally created dynamically.

Field wiki (wiki farm)

Further detailed setting about how to install BoltWire in root or creat field wiki or combine both, making root and field wikis live together, please see Farms?.

Error Reporting

By default BoltWire does not display PHP error messages. Add the following code to index.php before the engine is called to enable error reporting:



One other value you may want to set before calling the engine is the $cleanURL value. Please see the CleanURL's? for more information about this option.