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Images are an important part of any site. Here a few tips to help you get pictures onto your site. Scroll down for more help if you hare having trouble getting started.


There are several ways to show an image in BoltWire page.

The simple one:


Image with attribute: add a title tooltip, distort height and width, set a class or style, etc...

[^data-sword.jpg title="my image" height=100 width=100 style="border: 4px solid $$accent_color;"^]

Use an image for a link:
[[put the link url here|put the Image with attribute syntax here]]



External links.
Want to display an external image in your wiki? Normally this is slightly frowned on, as something called hotlinking. But it's easy enough. Just point to the url directly:


Getting Started

Having a little trouble getting images to work? Try these steps:

1) Login as admin and create a test page or edit an existing page and insert


2) Save the page. You should see a link to the file with a little red question mark beside it.


The ? tells you that the picture cannot be found, and needs to be uploaded.

3) Click on the link and you will be forwarded to a screen you can use to upload the image. Click Browse and you will see the files on your desktop. Find the one you are looking for (should be in jpg format in this example) and select it. Make sure it is a small image--under 25k--if you have not adjusted the default settings in anyway.

4) Finally click the UPLOAD button (note that the destination filename is already filled in). Now the page should have the image on it.

Upload Settings

Still having trouble uploading your images? It may be one or more of your configuration or authorization settings need to be adjusted. Read the uploads tutorials? for more information about the recommended site.config and authorization settings you should have in place on your site.

Using FTP

You may upload files directly by FTP. Just place them in your field's "files" folder. Create it if necessary, side by side, parallel with the "pages" and "config" folder in your field. Just drop your images in there, making sure they are all lower case page names, and they will be found by BoltWire.

It is also possible to drop pix in the farm/img folder to make them available farmwide. Farm images can only be loaded by FTP--not through an upload form.

Once uploaded, a picture will immediately show up when linked to in the site using the syntax noted above.