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There is a special page in BoltWire you can use to store pages in specific subfolders, rather than in the pages directory itself. You can even have sub-sub-folders. That page is called site.folders

Let say you have a large site and want to search the forum quickly. On the BoltWire site for example I have on page site.folders:

forum: community/forum

Then on my server I have a directory structure like


BoltWire automatically puts all the forum pages in the appropriate directory. (If you have existing pages, you'll need to move them when you change the site.folders page). So now when I do a search I can do [(search group=forum* dir=pages/community/forum ...)] and I don't have to waste server time searching all the other directories. On a big site with 10's of thousands of pages, this can make a huge difference!

Of course, if you keep your forum indexed, and do a query instead, it may even faster...