Launch Accelerator

Getting your site installed and configured is the easy part. In fact, you can usually do that in seconds. The hard part is actually building your site.

To assist with that, we've put together a 12 step Launch Accelerator to help you not just put up a site but build a strategy for growing your community. Here's what's included in this training course:

Week 1:    Basic setup and launch of your site. Get that welcome page looking good!
Week 2:    Let's get your email system working so you can start sending out transactional emails right from your site.
Week 3:    Time to get your blog and/or newsletter system working.
Week 4:    Let's build your first lead magnet, and start getting signups!
Week 5:    How to use social media to promote your site and post stuff automatically.
Week 6:    An introduction to our course building platform.
Week 7:    Time to add credit card capabilities, and begin take orders. Plus an introduction to receiving donations.
Week 8:    Ready to build an Online Store? Here's how you do it.
Week 9:    Build engagement through activity tracking and awards.
Week 10:    Learn the power of cron to get stuff done automatically.
Week 11:    Three admin strategies to optimize the growth of your site: link tracking, A/B testing, and conversion tagging.
Week 12:    Let's wrap it all up with an admin calendar tool to keep everything organized going forward.

For information about enrolling in this training course AND getting access to all our Pro Modules, please click below.:

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