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Posted 08/09/22, by Dan Vis

In this post I want to share just a bit about what's coming in BoltWire 7.08. It's going to be pretty special, so get ready...

For a long time I've been intentional about not really building a command center for BoltWire. It seemed antithetical to what makes our software so special: that is, its wild and crazy flexibility. How can you build a command center when users can remake BoltWire however they want?

But I've relented.

Partly because I have a number of accelerator clients, and I wanted to make using BoltWire easier for them. But also partly because we've been haphazardly building one all along. Over the last few dozen releases, maybe longer, we've been gradually adding pages to the site.admin area, and tweaking it up here and there, now and then. But there was no real design behind it all.

The other day I decided to do a thorough review of that entire section of our site, and update everything. Every single page. Some files were deleted, lot's of new ones added, and everything was reviewed, tested, fixed, and polished.

It turned out to be quite a project.

In the process I discovered several things that weren't quite working perfectly in BoltWire and I ended up rewriting various sections of the code. In particular, I fixed up the linkrot function to make it far more accurate. Enough so, I'm actually finding it quite useful already!

And then there was the indexing system. Somewhere along the way automatic indexing stopped working. I didn't really notice, because I use a different system for my site (cron). But once I got it working again, and in fact, better than before, I'm amazed at how magical it feels to type something in a comment or post and have it immediately show up in your search results. So cool...

A lot of it was just reorganization. To keep the menu from getting too long I was ruthless about culling out every page that didn't absolutely deserve to exist. Some sections were combined, with nifty little subheader nav links so you could have everything you need all together. The tree function, for example, works beautifully as a section in the pages area--which now has a whole menu tree you can use to see exactly what files you have and where. Tree lets you move, edit, copy, delete, and more. I even added two new functions!

And then some things just morphed into something more. The files section, which we just added a release or two back, has now developed full file management capabilities--so you can not only preview your graphics and other files, but you can rename, copy, move, or even delete them. Basically, BoltWire now comes with a built in file management system!

All in all I made well over 50 significant changes to the site admin area. I didn't count them as I went. I just wrote out a list of everything I imagined we could do to make things better, as close to perfect as possible, and then when I got everything done--it just struck me how many items I had checked off!

Yes, this is going to be a big release... Just need to get everything double checked to make sure it's working right. Then zip it up and get it out.

Many of the changes were for the accelerator platform, which is coming along very nicely. That includes advanced blog and forum management tools, a Help Hotline support system, a new feed, powerful email and newsletter capabilities, and more. But the core is getting plenty of goodies too.

So keep your ears tuned. I'll be announcing the release any day now!

BoltWire still really is a giant big box of legos. And the pile is getting bigger all the time. But now it's coming with a big bunch of it preassembled. And in particular, a very nice command center to help you manage it all...

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of including a more carefully construction command center in BoltWire? What sections would you like to see in a Site Admin area? If you are post 7.08 on your installation, any questions about all the changes? Share a comment below...


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