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Start Here!

Posted 05/18/22, by Dan Vis

Welcome to my very first Growth Guide. I've picked a perfect topic for the imminent launch of BoltWire 7. It's entitled: Start Here! If you've ever been reluctant to get started on some giant project, be sure to read this post.

Chalk message on sidewalk that says start here.

Do you know what the most important first step is in any big project? To me, the answer is: it doesn't really matter. Just pick whichever task you can do right now.

There's an old saying that the hardest step in any journey is the first one, and I think that's often true. So if you want to accomplish something big, like starting a new website, the best thing you can do, is to do something. Anything. Once things get moving, you can focus in on what's important, what most needs to be done, and priorities tend to straighten themselves up just fine. But none of that happens till you get moving.

BoltWire 7 is a good example of that. I've been developing BoltWire for years, and using it to run all my sites. It's a powerful platform that meets all my needs quite well. But I didn't really have much of a business model in place, and I knew that was important to make BoltWire a sustainable project. It takes resources to maintain documentation, plugins, provide support, and tweak code.

I've also had a number of friends over the years with a great desire to launch various kinds of websites on their own, but who lack the technical ability to do that effectively. I wanted to help, but was not in a position to volunteer my time to help meet all those needs. I knew BoltWire could make a difference, but it would take some real work.

So for the past two years I've been mulling around the idea of providing a hosting service and making some of my custom modules available for a small price, along with more coaching and support. But the to do list involved was massive: rebuild the BoltWire website, finish off the 6.xx series and launch our 7.xx series, start a this blog, update our plugins and skins, revise the documentation, communicate with our existing users, make arrangements with my webhoster, and probably a thousand things I haven't even thought up yet. It was enough to stall the whole project.

Well, one day I took a first step. For me, it was simply responding to a new user of BoltWire who pointed out our docs could use some updating. That led to announcing a new direction for BoltWire. Then doing a fresh release of BoltWire. Then some updating of the site. Then fine-tuning each section of the site to get it ready for launch. And now the gears in my brain are turning nicely for how I want to reorganize our core code. And then start importing some of my core scripts. And when things are just a bit more polished, I'll open up our webhosting service, with a special launch accelerator for our very first BoltWire partners.

And it's coming together surprisingly fast...

In other words, it just took one small step. It was insignificant in itself, but it kicked off a chain reaction that led to more progress in a couple weeks than I've been seen in the last two years. There's still a long ways to go, but the process is definitely coming into focus, and the remaining steps are become more and more clear with each task I knock out.

None of this would have happened without taking that first step. The most important step.


So what about you? What project have you been putting off getting started? Is there something you can do right now take at least some action on it? How dangerous can procrastination be to important goals? Share a thought in the comments below.

Posted by Dan Vis on 06/18/20
Posted by de la luz on 06/14/20

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