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Welcome to BoltWire. I post quick announcements here to keep you up to date on what is happening here in our community. Thanks for checking in!

Infrastructure is Everything
September 4
Just posted a new blog post on the importance of Infrastructure. The progress on our BoltWire site thanks to the accelerator platform is astonishing...

August 25
Ahoy there. Finally got around to indexing the docs, blog, and forum. Actually ended up making some big tweaks to the core to allow easy indexing of comments...

Version 7.08
August 23
Just released version 7.08, a pretty massive release with loads of new site admin updates, and more. Worth the upgrade!

New Command Center
August 17
I've just written another blog post on what's coming out in BoltWire 7.08. It's pretty big--might be worth reading up on it!

Just Upgraded...
August 17
The BoltWire site is now running on 7.08, which is another MASSIVE upgrade. The site admin area is beautiful. The vspacing issue is more problematic. I'll post more in the blog...

Improved DropDown
August 14
Made some slight improvements to the dropdown menu and the docs page. More important, I created a separate custom dropdown script for BoltWire so you can see the default one at work in the docs.

Roses and Page Names
August 13
Just posted a hugely important blog post on the topography of page names in BoltWire. See what it all has to do with roses!

Vspace Rebellion
August 12
Just posted a quick blog on a change that's coming to BoltWire in version 7.08. We're rebelling against the paragraph tag!

New Rotate Extensions
August 12
Just added a SUPER cool rotate feature to BoltWire, both in the core and as an extension. Check it out!

New DropDown Menu
August 11
I've added a dropdown menu to the BoltWire site just to make it easier to get to where you want to go. Between that and the new TOC plugin, navigation is pretty snazzy around here, don't you think?

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