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Welcome to BoltWire. I post quick announcements here to keep you up to date on what is happening here in our community. Thanks for checking in!

New TOC Plugin
August 7
Just added a new "Table of Contents" plugin which allows you to build expanding and contracting menus extremely easily. Removed the TOC function out of the core as this is much more efficient.

August 7
I've pretty much finished up our new messaging pro module, which allows you to send messages to individuals or groups of individuals using all kinds of sort parameters. Mail merge, and more. Very powerful!

New News Page
August 7
Just added a cool new news page in our accelerator hosting program. In fact, I'm using it as the default members welcome page at BoltWire.

New Piano Skin
August 7
Just uploaded a new skin I call "piano" (for obvious reasons) to the BoltWire site. It's not yet in the core distribution but it's very similar to the new designer skin, which inspired it. What do you think?

Accelerator Progress
August 1
Our accelerator course is cruising along as we build up our community support tools day by day. We've just launched a boat load of new features you can see live now on our BoltWire site.

Hosting Progress!
July 15
Making exciting progress on our hosting program with the official beginning of our Launch Accelerator class with a small number of partners this week. It's a huge start!

Wow! 7.04 Is Out
June 8
Just released a version 7.04. Which means we've had as many releases in the 7.xx series these last few weeks as we have in the entire 6.xx series these last two years!

This is a pretty big release, fixing a some bugs and improving some code. I've also added pages for rudimentary blogging and forums. And the long awaited Site Checklist.

With this release, I feel things are pretty close to done. Am declaring a light feature freeze for awhile to focus on debugging and polishing things up. Will make this our stable release soon...

Version 7.03 Released
June 5
Just released version 7.03 with a cool new verify email plugin, a nice little member management section for the site admin area, and perhaps most important, a significant bug in the BOLTfolders function. If you are using 7.xx yet, I'd definitely recommend upgrading...

First Comment!
June 5
Just saw the first comment on BoltWire. In our Big Skin Upgrade article. It really does feel like the lights are starting to come back on again. Nice to get more and more things operational!

Account Area Working
June 4
I've got more of the links in the Account Area working. I still need to update the profilepix script which facilitates members loading profile pix. And I haven't turned on messages yet. But you should be able to update your profile info. It's very basic, but I'm thinking about adding all these pages to the core, so I want to keep BoltWire as a demo of the default installation...

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