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Accelerator Hosting

Posted 05/18/22, by Dan Vis

Recently I officially launched our Accelerator Hosting program with a small private group of partners, each wanting to build a membership driven community. Here's more information about what we're doing...

Accelerator Hosting image.

For quite some time, I've thought BoltWire has tremendous potential to help individuals build engaging and interactive community-driven websites. And a webhosting option seemed like the perfect way to help. And over the years I've had a number of friends ask for help building their website--but I've just never quite felt I had the time to spare--as I was busy building the BoltWire platform and growing my own site. But that's beginning to change.

For one thing, with the recent release of our BoltWire platform to version 7.xx we've greatly expanded it's capabilities, making a hosting service truly viable. And for another, my own site is nearly complete, with an ample array of plugins for virtually any need--making a hosting service even more feasible. And having these two projects more or less finished, I anticipate having more time to invest in new ventures.

So as a result, starting this week, we've officially launched a pilot version of our Launch Accelerator course for a small private group of partner ministries wanting to build or update their online presence. This course is not open to the general public just yet, while we're still building the infrastructure for our class, and polishing up our software to make the site building process ever smoother. But the fact we're working with a number of diverse, real live sites, means things are definitely coming together for our hosting program at last!

What Makes It Different

You may be wondering why the world needs another web development / webhosting service. After all, many companies already exist, and competition in the digital realm is fierce.

But existing solutions have a number of significant shortcomings.

Plug and play site builders like Wix and Weebly may make it easy to assemble a basic site, but their functionality is limited.

And Wordpress, while more robust, is complex, and can be challenging to use, requiring you to hobble together a long string of plugins and templates and hope everything works.

Hiring a commercial developer can be expensive, and can leave you dependent on them any time you want to introduce some change.

Advanced, full-featured content management systems can easily run $80-$100/month or more. And you are still locked into using whatever features are available in that system.

One popular blogger, describing the "tech stack" he used for his business, had well over a dozen different components, most costing $10-$20/month or more. And it's not just the cost that adds up--it's that much more complexity!

What's needed is an all-in-one, open-ended, affordable, turn-key solution. Enter BoltWire.

How to Make it Work

But just having the right platform is only half the battle. The other half is providing the training and support to make that platform accessible. BoltWire may have thousands of features just under the surface, but unless a person knows how to use those features, they have little value.

And stepping back just a bit, the problem with most websites is not really the technology, it's the business model behind it. Just putting up a fancy website hardly means people are going to flock to you these days. What's needed is basic coaching in the key steps to building an online engine. One that drives growth and engagement.

Then you need to throw in support. I've come to the place, where my first priority in choosing an online service is generally the quality of support provided. If I can't get a timely response, and effective answers to my questions, I'm likely to look elsewhere--even if it costs a little more.

What's really needed is a partner that is committed to helping you succeed. To taking the time to ensure your success. There's nothing more frustrating than being told some urgent question is beyond the sphere of their support. What's needed is red carpet service that moves the dial up from minimal support toward something more like a virtual assistant.

And that's our plan. To not just provide a webhosting service, but a full coaching program--guiding partner ministries through the development of a viable strategic plan, introducing the BoltWire platform step by step, and providing red carpet quality support, as a ministry partner, committed to your success.

When combined with a software platform like BoltWire, it's going to be a unique offer in the webhosting world. And it's coming soon...

What Is Included?

Here are the basics of what's included for participants in our Launch Accelerator program:

  • Complete setup and installation of our core software platform, including all our built in plugins, skins and language packs.
  • Coaching through the entire development process of your Unleashed Ministry strategy.
  • Our 12 week Launch Accelerator course to get everything customized and running: from newsletters, to ecommerce, to social media, and more.
  • Full hosting services, including help securing your domain name and SSL security certificate at no extra cost.
  • Access to a full set of advanced Pro Modules to boost your site capabilities, not available anywhere else!
  • Automatic updates and patches, to keep your software current and worry free.
  • A powerful, customizable Dashboard, to track all site metrics at a glance and optimize the growth of your community.
  • Access to our Virtual Assistant service for red carpet personal support.

How Do I Sign Up?

Because of the intense investment of time and energy required for each partner, we are only accepting new projects by application only. And right now, with our piloting process full, we are not accepting new applicants. But we are hoping to open up new slots in time.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for this offer, just click below:

Thanks so much for being a part of our BoltWire community, and whether you use our free software download, or option for our Accelerator Hosting program, we really are committed to your success!


What do you think of our accelerator hosting program? The advantages of a robust, open-ended software platform like BoltWire? The value of red carpet support? Share a comment below...

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