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Posted 09/04/20
Sometimes, having the right Infrastructure makes all the difference in the world. Here's what I mean by that...

The Command Center

Posted 08/17/20
For a long time, I've expected people to build their own command center. Now, I'm doing it for them...

Roses and Page Names

Posted 08/13/20
Is it true what Shakespeare said about roses? And what does that have to do with page names? Find out here...

Vertical Spacing

Posted 08/12/20
BoltWire is rebelling! But it's not too serious. We're trying out a brand new approach to vertical space...

Massive Upgrade

Posted 08/05/20
More massive changes are coming to BoltWire, including the first pro modules in our accelerator program...

Accelerator Hosting

Posted 07/25/20
This week we piloted our Launch Accelerator class. Accelerator Hosting is coming soon!

Membership Vs CRM

Posted 05/29/20
My thinking about how to organize a membership has shifted. Here's how it's affecting BoltWire...