BoltWire is a content management system developed by Dan Vis.

It's innovative architecture combined with best in class forms processing gives you complete control over every aspect of how your site works.

BoltWire doesn't just let you change content--it lets you change the engine itself right through your browser!

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May 26, 2016

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April 28, 2016

Catching Up
April 6, 2016

Other Sites

Here's some other sites by Dan Vis:

Alexa Echoes
Join my adventures developing for Amazons exciting new voice platform.

Firefly Spot
Personal rambling about new gadgets, technology news, and space travel.

FAST Missions
My ministry hub, with news and updates about our online school.

You can follow him at www.danvis.info.

Our apologies while we update the extensions area. Many of the pages and plugins here were designed for 3.xx. We will do our best to get them upgraded to 4.xx as soon as possible. If you need something now, ask the mailing list, and we'll try to expedite the upgrade for your extension. Thanks for your patience.

Solutions Area

This is the place to get scripts, skins, language packs, and other plugins to extend BoltWire's core capabilities. Currently we have 113 extensions. To see which ones have been recently updated, click here. If you have an extension you would like to make available to other BoltWire users, please announce it on our mailing list and we will setup a page for it. For installation help, see the documentation.

Current Solutions

                  Code Barn
                  Config Editing
                  MarkUp Table
                  Plugin Plus
                  URL Login
                  Calendar (Googleical)
                  Comment Box
                  Comments Plus
                  Instant Messaging
            CSS Tricks
                  Linked CSS
                  Site Action List
                  Variable Width
                  Simple Store
                        Sample Grades
                        Sample Quiz
                  Mailing List
                  Validate Email
                  Limited Rules
                  BoltWire icons
            Javascript Tricks
                  Ticker Tape
                  Fancy Missing Marks
            Flash Movies
                  ez Pack CheckList
                  ez Project Manager
                  To Do Box
                  Advanced Search
                  ez Sidebar Creator
                  Most Viewed Pages
                  Multi-Page Search
                  Multipage Data Edit
                  Table of Contents
            System Tools
                  CSV Tables
                  File Administration
                  Info Extensions
                  Language Checker
                  Language Files
                  List Management
                  Page Data
                  Page Vars Plus
                  Plugin Checker
                  Reset Page
                  SFS (Stop Forum Spam) API plugin
                  Strpos Conditional
                  Web Visitor Info
                  Contact Management
                  Creole Support (Full)
                  Database Connectivity
                        Email: Birthdays
                        Email: E-Course
                        Email: Reminders
                  Family History
                  Field Backup
                        Google Adwords
                  Issue Tracking System
                  Live Search
                  Pending - Page Approval
                        PHP Tools Plus
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