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Sortable Tables

Extensions > Plugins > Sortable Tables

Summary: A simple plugin for making tables sortable.
Status: Stable, Version 4.18
Downloads: sortable.php

Just download the script to your plugin folder, then enable it on the pages you need in your site.config page.

To use, put <(sortable)> somewhere on the page and then set class=sortable in the table markup. Here's a demo. Click one of the headers to see how it works. Then click it a second time to reverse the order.

Head 1Head 2Head 3
aalpha erqwey wwerwerw
qalpha vbeqwe cwwerwerw
calpha xerqwe ewwerwerw
oalpha zerqwe awerwerw
walpha aerqwe wwerwerw

There's also a special <! text !> markup which enables you to store hidden text at the beginning of a table cell, and make it sortable by that text, rather than the displayed text. IE put [c]<!realsort!>Display. Nice little plus!