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Here's some other sites by Dan Vis:

Alexa Echoes
Join my adventures developing for Amazons exciting new voice platform.

Firefly Spot
Personal rambling about new gadgets, technology news, and space travel.

FAST Missions
My ministry hub, with news and updates about our online school.

You can follow him at www.danvis.info.

Site Zones

Extensions > Plugins > Site Zones

Here's some simple markup you can use to track down all the zone pages used in your site. Since there is already a zones action (which only shows the zones of your current page) you could either:

1) Create a new actions with a new name
2) Put it somewhere else, like site.zonepages
3) Tag it onto the bottom of action.zones

Here's the code:

! Zone Pages
Here is a list of all the zone pages found on your site (based on your current skin). To see which zones are being used on a specific page, use the zone action.

[(search group=* type={zones} sort={+page})]