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Extensions > Plugins > Outline

Here's a cool way to create an outline.

1) Put the following code in code.embed.outline

<style type='text/css'><!--
.outline ol { list-style-type:upper-roman; }
.outline ol ol { list-style-type:upper-alpha; }
.outline ol ol ol { list-style-type:decimal; }
.outline ol ol ol ol{ list-style-type:lower-roman; }
.outline ol ol ol ol ol{ list-style-type:lower-alpha; }

Then enable the style sheet on your page using this markup:

<(embed outline head)>

Finally wrap your ordered list bullets with the appropriate div:

<div class=outline>
# One
## Two
### Three
#### Four
##### Five

  1. One
    1. Two
      1. Three
        1. Four
          1. Five