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Here's some other sites by Dan Vis:

Alexa Echoes
Join my adventures developing for Amazons exciting new voice platform.

Firefly Spot
Personal rambling about new gadgets, technology news, and space travel.

FAST Missions
My ministry hub, with news and updates about our online school.

You can follow him at www.danvis.info.

Keyboard HotKeys

Extensions > Plugins > Keyboard HotKeys

Here's a cool little script you can use to setup your own custom keyboard hotkeys. To use it, copy the text below to code.embed.hotkeys. Then, put the following in your bottom zone, or skin, or any page you want the hotkeys activated:

<(embed hotkeys)>

If you are doing it sitewide, you may want to wrap the embed function in a conditional to deactivate it on action pages. This could help avoid conflicts with forms. Another option is to enable it only for site administrators.

To assign different values, study the code, uncomment the alert line, and then note the returned values for the key strokes you desire. Once you know the keystroke value, simply edit the appropriate conditional to use the new value. Feel free to add or delete keyboard commands as desired.

Note: For the hotkeys below, press the letter and function key at the same time. If using ctrl or shift, etc, make sure your combo doesn't conflict with browser keyboard commands, as the browser will win.

document.onkeypress = function (evt) {
var r = '';
if (document.all) {
r += event.ctrlKey ? 'Ctrl-' : '';
r += event.altKey ? 'Alt-' : '';
r += event.shiftKey ? 'Shift-' : '';
r += event.keyCode;
else if (document.getElementById) {
r += evt.Left ? 'left-' : ''; //left and right arrow keys produce different results on every browser - and can't be distinguished accurately.
r += evt.ctrlKey ? 'Ctrl-' : '';
r += evt.altKey ? 'Alt-' : '';
r += evt.shiftKey ? 'Shift-' : '';
r += evt.charCode;
else if (document.layers) {
r += evt.modifiers & Event.CONTROL_MASK ? 'Ctrl-' : '';
r += evt.modifiers & Event.ALT_MASK ? 'Alt-' : '';
r += evt.modifiers & Event.SHIFT_MASK ? 'Shift-' : '';
r += evt.which;
// alert(r);
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-22') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=view'; // V
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-3') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=create'; // C
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-4') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=delete'; // D
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-5') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=edit'; // E
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-12') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=logout'; // L
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-16') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=print'; // P
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-18') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=rename'; // R
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-19') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=source'; // S
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-20') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=title'; // T
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-24') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=search'; // X
if (r == 'Ctrl-Shift-26') location='index.php?p={+p}&action=zones'; // Z
return false;