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May 26, 2016

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April 28, 2016

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April 6, 2016

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Here's some other sites by Dan Vis:

Alexa Echoes
Join my adventures developing for Amazons exciting new voice platform.

Firefly Spot
Personal rambling about new gadgets, technology news, and space travel.

FAST Missions
My ministry hub, with news and updates about our online school.

You can follow him at www.danvis.info.

Deprecated Features

BoltWire tracks pages using features that are about to be deprecated. It reports this information in your site on page site.deprecate. This gives you time to manually inspect and correct those pages before features are dropped or changed in the core code, so there are no disruptions in your service.

Below you can find notes on features that still work but are being flagged in BoltWire and will soon be modified, along with instructions on how to prepare your site for future releases. Once a page is fixed, it should be deleted from the appropriate site.deprecate page. If one of these pages remains empty for sometime, you are probably safe to upgrade. Note however, BoltWire may not catch a rarely visited page, as pages are only flagged when loaded.

Inlist Page Recognition
Before 5.08, the inlist would automatically recognize pages allowing you to do [if inlist some.page item] and even convert the page to a csv list. But because you might have a single item list with the same name as a page this is going to be changed. You should change the old behavior to [if inlist page=some.page item]. In the interim, I'll allow page=false as a parameter to disable the page recognition feature.

Tagcloud Page
Before 5.08, you could just put "cloud" as a parameter in the tags function to generate a tag cloud. Now you must put fmt=cloud. Actually, the current behavior still works, it is just being flagged to give you time to upgrade.

Config Legends
Prior to 5.07 you could define info page legends in the site.config page. That feature is being deprecated and will soon be dropped. Now they can be defined as a simple legend parameter in the search query. If you want something central, you can define it in code.settings and just do legend={my_legend}. Having a legend row in the info page still works as before.

Custom Sort Hook
At some point we will change the hook for custom sort functions from BOLTsortSomeFunc to myBOLTsortSomeFunc, to make it more consistent with the other webhooks. I haven't quite figured out a great way to make this transition yet--we're just collecting pages using this so we can make that change smoothly at a future point. Don't change anything related to this yet.

Past Changes
The following deprecated features are no longer supported in BoltWire. They are no longer being flagged, and you can delete any site.deprecate pages related to these items. They are listed here for historical purposes, as a help to those skipping several versions in an upgrade.

As of 5.06, you can no longer use the [color...] markup and must do [text type=color...]. This is to treat the color input type the same as all the other HTML5 input type (added in BoltWire 5.03). It should also process faster. Check site.deprecate to find pages using this markup.

The {+group} var is not longer available in templates and has been changed to {+parents} (introduced 5.03). Make sure you update your templates before upgrading to 5.06 which no longer supports {+group}. Check site.deprecate to find pages using this markup.

The system has been flagging inlist conditionals using the item parameter for several releases. You will need to change those pages to use the find parameter instead, before upgrading to 5.06, which drops support for item. Check site.deprecate to find pages using this markup.

Deprecated from 4.xx
BoltWire 5 changes the order of parameters in the inlist conditional, and renames the item parameter to a find parameter to make it more consistent with the other insomething conditionals, though item will be supported for a time. You can prepare pages with the inlist conditional for the upgrade from BoltWire 4.24 to BoltWire 5, by changing [inlist 1 1,2] to [inlist item=1 list=1,2]. You can change the item parameter to find later.

BoltWire 5 no longer accepts a string parameter in the insource conditional. Replace it with the new inline conditional that is part of version 4.23.

BoltWire 5 uses "when" instead of "if" to iterate through items in the search/list function. As of version 4.23, a deprecate flag was added to catch pages which will need to be updated. In version 4.24 changes were made to allow either parameter--to give you a chance to fix search & list functions. In version 5, the if parameter will apply to the entire function, just as in other functions and when will have to be used.

There was a small change to how this function works in 4.13. Embed now takes regular vars like {id} rather than {+id}. Parameters in the function are still inserted by {+field}. Check any pages with embedded code to make sure your variables are updated properly.

In BoltWire 4.12, a security vulnerability was fixed and permissions were simultaneously tightened. Now users must have write authorization to save a data variable, as well as data authorization to view or save a specific field. To revert to the former behavior (minus the security vulnerability) set authData: false in site.config. All forms using the savedata command should be tested to make sure they work for the intended users.

Version 4.12 changed how BoltWire retrieves a span of lines in source and include functions. Instead of lines=5..10 you use lines=5-10. Please check any pages using the old markup on your site.

Version 4.12 tightened the number conditional. Before a page like forum.1000 would pass. Now it fails. Instead, you put [if number {p2}]. Please check any files using this conditional.