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May 26, 2016

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Here's some other sites by Dan Vis:

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You can follow him at www.danvis.info.

BoltWire 4.0 to 5.0 Transition

Unlike prior jumps in version numbers, the transition from 4 to 5 should be relatively painless. Many of the goals for 5.xx were already implemented in the later versions of 4.xx and a new site deprecate feature makes it easier to catch and fix features we will be eliminating in 5.xx. Click here for the release history of our entire 4.xx series.

Version 4.24 especially, was designed as a transitional release. You will want to run this version for awhile, making sure all deprecated features are fixed, and only then transition to 5.0. Here's instructions on exactly how to do this:

1) Upgrade to 4.24. If you are jumping several versions read all the appropriate changelogs and make any fixes required to get to this point. You will need this version to do the transitions below as most will not work in 4.23 or below.

2) Give BoltWire some time (a few weeks at least) on version 4.24 (or 4.23) to find places in your site using deprecated markup. Note that a page must be called by some user to trigger a flag. If deprecated markup is on an obscure page not accessed since upgrading to 4.23, it will not show up on these lists.

3) Each site.deprecate page lists pages using deprecated markup. You will need to check each page listed and fix it. Here are the required changes each site.deprecate page is flagging:

if2when: Look for a search or list function using the if parameter and change it to when.

inlist: Look for inlist conditionals and specify the parameters like this: [if inlist list=1,2 find=1].

insource: If you have an insource conditional with a string parameter, change it to [inline line='' find='']

If you have trouble finding the deprecated markup on a page, look for included content and fmts/templates on the page that are triggering the flag. If you do not have one of the three site.deprecate pages above, it may be you are not using that markup anywhere in your site. Nothing to fix!

When you correct a page, delete it from the appropriate site.deprecate page. For more information about these changes, click here.

4) Continue monitoring your site.deprecate pages to make sure you haven't missed anything. If your site is active, and these pages remain clear for several days you are probably safe to upgrade.

5) Once you have done this for all the sites in your installation, you should be able to upgrade to 5.xx!

As always, if you have trouble upgrading, ask for help on the mailing list.