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Documentation > Handbook > Markups

Most of BoltWire's markups are simple and easy to learn. They are similar to other wikis, though each system varies slightly. The exact display can also vary depending on your skin's style sheet. Here's a few more notes on markups. And here's a tutorial on how to change the markup table.

As noted elsewhere, there are other markups BoltWire will recognize as well, including numerous variables, conditionals, and functions. BoltWire also allows you to create powerful forms with interactive inputs fields and commands. Many simple HTML tags are allowed, and most white space is honored (including line returns, tabs and spaces). Furthermore, BoltWire has extensive styling support. See the handbook for information about these advanced markups.

Here is a list of the basic markups in BoltWire and what they produce. To view this table below from anywhere in the site, just use the help action.

! text


header (h1)
!! text


header (h2)
!!! text


header (h3)
* bullet
** bullet
*** bullet
  • bullet
    • bullet
      • bullet
unnumbered bullets
# bullet
## bullet
### bullet
  1. bullet
    1. bullet
      1. bullet
numbered bullets
block indent
[r][h]header1 [h]header2
[r][c]cell1 [c]cell2
[r][c]cell3 [c]cell4
header1   header2
cell1 cell2
most parameters allowed, border added for display
horizontal line
(t) or (tm)
html symbols
{ 2+3 } 5Simple math expressions
various links
[[email@example.com]]email@example.comemail link
[^boltwire.gif parameters^]

image shortcut
image with css parameters
[^download.zip^]download.zipfile download
align text
(also left, right)
<color=red>text</color>textset color
(also f7f7f7)
<size=150%>text</size>textset size (also pt)
<text case=caps>
TEXTsimple string processing:
understands case, substring,
trim, position, and length

A box with markup
Display source code
Show html output
(see also markup and debug)
/= **BOLD** =/**BOLD**Don't process markup
`[[link|+]][[link|+]]Backtick escapes next character
/*comment*/hidden comments
Here is the BoltWire code for this markup:
function BOLTMbox($attr='', $text='', $type='') {
     global $pageLink, $BOLTattrs;
     $attr = BOLTstripSlashes($attr);
     $args = BOLTargs($attr);
     $type = BOLTinit('box', $type, $args['1'], $args['type']);     //types: box html code markup debug comment
     if ($type == 'hidden') return;
     if (strpos($text, "\n") === false) $sd = 'span';  // span or div
     else { $sd = 'div'; $spaced = true; }
     $text = BOLTstripSlashes($text);  // clean up text
     if ($args['trim'] !== 'false') $text = BOLTtrimLines($text);
     if ($args['class'] == '') $args['class'] = 'box';
     $attr = '';  // setup allowed attrs
     foreach($args as $f => $v) {
          if (inlist($f, $BOLTattrs[$sd])) $attr .= " $f='$v' ";
     $attr = BOLTescape($attr);
     if (inlist($type, 'code,markup,debug')) {  // sets up code box
          $code = BOLTescape(trim($text), false);
          $code = str_replace(Array(' &#63; ', ' &#58; ', ' &#44; '), Array(' ? ', ' : ', ' , '), $code);
          $code = BOLTcharEncode($code, 'lines');
          $code = BOLTescape("<$sd $attr>$code</$sd>", '', $spaced);
          if ($sd == 'div') $code = "\n$code\n";
          if ($type == 'code') return $code;
     $out = BOLTdomarkup(trim($text), '', 'BOX', $args['rules']);  // sets up normal box
     if (inlist($type, 'html,debug')) {  // sets up html box
          $html = BOLTescape($out, false);
          $html = htmlspecialchars($html, ENT_NOQUOTES);
          $html = str_replace("\n", '<br />', $html);
          $html = BOLTescape("<$sd $attr>$html</$sd>", '', $spaced);
          if ($sd == 'div') $html = "\n$html\n";
          if ($type == 'html') return $html;
     $box = BOLTescape("<$sd $attr>$out</$sd>", true, $spaced);
     if ($sd == 'div') $box = "\n$box\n";
     if ($type == 'markup') {  // returns markup and normal box
          if ($sd == 'span') return "$code $box";
          return "$code<br/>$box";
     if ($type == 'debug') {  // returns markup, html, and normal box
          if ($sd == 'span') return "$code $html $box";
          return "$code<br/>$html<br/>$box";
     return $box;  // return normal box
TAGS: markups
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