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Version 5.11 Released

Posted May 26, 2016
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Just released a new version of BoltWire--that marks a pretty important milestone. Namely, I've upgraded code throughout the entire script to bring BoltWire into line with PHP 5.5 and above. Unfortunately, this release will probably break sites relying on PHP versons below 5.3, but there just wasn't any other way around it. For geeks out there, I've replaced all the preg_replace functions using the deprecated /e parameter with preg_replace_callback functions which are more secure. I also created a custom BOLTpreg_replace function for the markup table.

Because this upgrade affected so many systems in such a foundational way, I can't guarantee there will not be glitches here and there. I've tried it on several of my sites, and everything looks good--but there is just no way to test every affected function. To be honest, I'm not going to upgrade my live sites for a bit, just to see if anyone report a bug. I'm reasonably confident about this upgrade, but I'm still flagging it as quasi-experimental. On mission critical sites, you might want to hold off till 5.12, just in case--esp if you have a lot of custom code.

Other than the big system upgrade, this release mostly adds a good number of advanced hooks for developers and some special features. I've been working on all kinds of complex development projects, and experimenting with alternate authentications systems, permissions systems, installation structures, and more. BoltWire has held up really well to all the challenges--just needed a few small hooks to expand its capabilities in various really fun ways.

I'm also deciding to change course on XPack program--and turn it into a shared library you can add on to BoltWire, rather than a parallel installation. It's easier for me to maintain a single code base. And I'm personally running at least 3 separate libraries for different kinds of projects. I suspect there are others out there running complex installations with libraries too. Releasing the XPack this way will keep it easier for you to manage those as well. Hope to have the revised XPack (possibly a couple versions) ready in the coming weeks. Just need to sort out and zip up!

Enjoy my annual birthday release!

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