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Catching Up

Posted April 6, 2016
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Just wanted to post a quick update on what has been happening at BoltWire.

For the most part, not much! Version 5.10 came out mid-February. After that I took an extended vacation to Washington state, where my daughter was finishing up her BA. Thrilled to have her back home again!

Since coming back, I've been busy catching up with life here in Illinois, and getting ready for an upcoming trip to Asia. Don't anticipate being able to do much more with Boltwire till May at the earliest!

Happy to say, however, I haven't heard a single bug report or feature request during all this time. Seems BoltWire is working great. I know all my sites are purring along just fine!

I did accomplish two things however. First I decided to do some tinkering with Amazon's new developer tools for Alexa, its voice assistant. It was surprizingly easy to use, and my first skill (app) was running in hours. In fact it is being processed for certification as I type these words. Hope to hear back from them soon.

My next skill will be a bit more complex, allowing me to login to a BoltWire site and retrieve custom user information upon authentication. I have a specific use case in mind, but if all goes well, I envision generalizing the code just a bit more to make an easy to use Alexa-BoltWire plugin and make it available to others.

To document my adventures with this new platform, I created a brand new blog called Alexa Echoes. It was a bit of an experiment to see how much social media I could incorporate and it quickly exceeded my expectations. In fact, I liked the design so much--I decided to update the BoltWire site to use that skin and style. If you frequent our site, you've probably noted some changes already.

Among other things, there's a completely revamped blog archives module, simpler blog pagenames, facebook comments, and updated icons. You also notice significantly minimalized navigation. Once I get the blog running how I want, I plan to zip it all up and make it available to others as well.

So much for the latest news. Feel free to leave comments below about the new changes to our site!

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