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Improved Mail List

Posted February 22, 2016
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For many months, our googlegroup mailing list has been the best place to go for support in using BoltWire. It's also where you go to report bugs and/or suggest ideas for improving our software. And new releases are always announced there first. It's a great little community!

Just recently I discovered how easy it was to embed a google group into a website and decided to do that on our BoltWire site. Now you can search our archives, review recent posts, add new posts, leave a comment or reply to an existing post, and more--all from right within our site. Kudo's to Google for making this so convenient!

Not even sure we still need to maintain a separate forum. But will keep it around for awhile--partly to demonstrate the forum that comes built into the XPack. But check out the side menu link that says "Mail List".

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