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The XPack Experience...

Posted February 18, 2016
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Haven't posted a blog entry in awhile, but wanted to give an update on how happy I am with the XPack.

My goal was to make many of my best plugins and modules available in a pro version of BoltWire and make it easy for users to get a full featured site without having to tinker. And maybe make a bit of pocket change in the process. But it turned out to be much more.

In order to keep the BoltWire core the engine driving the XPack, and yet make it easy to run multiple sites off the XPack I essentially had to work out all the kinks for having a fully customizable shared library distinct from the core library. And as much as I love the XPack features, the changes this required in the core are even more valuable.

For example, suppose I wanted to have a cookbook site, where an individual could pay a small monthly fee and create their own shared cookbook site. I simply create the code for one cookbook, store it in the various shared locations and presto, BoltWire becomes a massive cookbook maker. I can run as many as I want!

If I find a way to improve the cookbook code--make one change and all the cookbooks are fixed instantly. Cookbook owners who want to customize and make whatever changes I allow them to make. Instead of multiple BoltWire sites, I am running all the cookbook sites I want--all turnkey, and running off a single code base.

The XPack is actually just one version of this. I'm developing another version for churches with powerful admin features. It would be easy enough to develop one for online classes, or for artists, or whatever.

The BoltWire framework makes it easy to create customized and interactive content. Now it allows you to easily create customized frameworks!

It's really amazing how far BoltWire has come!!!

Posted by Dan Vis on 02/18/16
Of course the thing I've been most happy about in terms of the XPack, is how well it has worked. With only a few trivial glitches reported so far--version 2 is already looking pretty stable. In fact, just today I switched the BoltWire site itself over to the XPack. And the transition was pretty seamless. What a pleasant surprize!
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