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Emails, emails...

Posted November 23, 2015
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Getting emails to work right is a huge hassle. The BoltWire XPack can make it easier...

If you haven't worked much with emails, and email newsletters in particular, it's a headache. The prevalence of spam has forced email providers to start clamping down on incoming mail--and unless you are careful, your mail may never get through.

Our soon-coming XPack will help. It is going to come with drop in modules for both PHPMailer and SwiftMailer--your choice. These packages allow you to use SMTP authentication on outgoing emails to improve deliverability, and help protect your ip reputation.

Also included will be an EZ-news script you can use to generate all kinds of custom mail lists, and queue up hundreds or even thousands of messages for outgoing mail. Then cron sends each email out, one at a time, fully merged with user data and unsubscribe links. You have full control over how many emails you send out and how fast to stay under throttling controls set by your isp or your recipient's isp. And you can even schedule them to go out at the time you specify--months in advance.

To make things even better, we also will have an inbox script which checks your reply-to email address, imports messages into your site for you to review, and even sorts them into delivery failures, delivery delays, messages bounced as spam, and other categories. Delete and/or unsubscribe emails individually or as a group--in one click. A great tool to keep your email list clean.

Send beautiful, html emails with pictures, attachments, and more--all using simple BoltWire markup. A complete mailing list system. Awesome...

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