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Moved to a VPS

Posted October 9, 2015
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This morning, I finally finished moving BoltWire to a new server. We've been with Bluehost for years, and they have been a good provider in many ways. But we have had repeated problems with their mail servers being configured in such a way it was very difficult to communicate with community members.

Recently we upgraded to a fancier, more expensive webhosting package only to discover their mail restrictions were even more stringent. In fact, it shut down all the outgoing mail on our site for two weeks before we noticed what was happening. Worse, after multiple efforts, they were unwilling to help resolve the situation!

So over the last couple days I've been busy switching over to A Small Orange, and our first VPS (virtual private server). This should give us even greater control and better performance than ever. So far their tech support has been wonderful, and we are really looking forward to working with them.

While transitioning between the two servers, I had a bit of a challenge getting the nameservers right, and ended up crashing the BoltWire site for a day or so. But it is back up again now, at last.

I'm currently going through the various features of this, and other sites to try and confirm everything is working correctly, but so far so good. Please use the mailing list to report any problems you note.

Hope to get version 5.05 out early next week. My apologies for any inconvenience while the site was down, and thanks for everyone's patience.

Posted by Dan Vis on 10/09/15
P.S. The thing that prompted this all, was that while BlueHost would let us host multiple domains, I could only send emails via php (BoltWire) from one email address. (Not to mention numerous past problems sending emails at BlueHost...)

Now on A Small Orange, I notice emails are going out from all my domains at blazing fast speeds. I've created an account, sent our password reminders, etc, and Gmail gets them even before I can change browser tabs. Amazing!!!

So if you have had trouble creating an account at BoltWire in the past, you may want to give it another try. Seems to be working unbelievably GREAT!

Posted by Edel on 10/11/15
Has it always been the case where boltwire.com does not redirect to www.boltwire.com? I know I shouldn't be lazy but I haven't gone to a website by typing "www." in years!
Posted by Dan Vis on 10/13/15
Sorry Edel! A glitch in the DNS servers while moving to ASO. Works fine without the www now.
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