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Enrollment Form Fixed

Posted August 14, 2015
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Didn't realize it until someone mentioned it, but the BoltWire account creation system has been broken for awhile. As usual, didn't know until someone mentioned it on the forum. Not sure when it broke--but possibly a recent upgrade.

Permissions on registration systems are devilishly hard, because you need to give unauthenticated users the ability to create member pages so they can then login. And if you are trying to verify emails (double opt-in systems) it just gets that much trickier.

Still not sure when or how it broke, but decided to go with a new solution. I just wrote a simple enroll command that managed all the permissions internally--making it an almost turnkey answer. It only took a few minutes to write up and seems to have solved the problem perfectly. Bingo!

The new command will be included in the Xpack once it is ready. No promises on a date, but hopefully in the next month or two.

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