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BoltWire 5.04 released

Posted August 14, 2015
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Just a quick note that after a summer of busy traveling, I was finally able to release version 5.04 of BoltWire. It mostly includes modest changes, but there are a couple things that could potentially break a site (namely if you use a farm.php config file, or output=trim or output=csv parameters in any functions). Read the changelog carefully.

The biggest new feature is a folder for shared pages you can use to put pages you want available in all your sites. Similar to the system folder, just a second reserve location. I would consider this feature mildly experimental as there may be additional sections of the code that need to be modified to work properly with these pages. But so far so good...

There's a new highlight markup for multiple colors. Text tools are now available to all functions/commands. And I added a couple new developer helps--all to get ready for the Xpack. No target date for that at this point, though I'm considering releasing some of the already working modules individually--rather than waiting till the whole thing is ready. Anyway that is another discussion.

And one other thing. The chrome browser now gives a nasty warning when trying to download BoltWire. Evidently it's their new approach to dealing with software that doesn't have large numbers of downloads. I've been researching it but have found no way to get our software delisted. VERY frustrating. If you know away around this, let me know. To proceed with the download, click the little download error in their warning box and click Keep. I find this QUITE irritating.

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