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Buffer and Social Media

Posted July 17, 2015
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One of my goals for the BoltWire blog is to post information about various technologies that interest me. I will probably need to separate the ones that deal just with BoltWire from the others, but we can worry about that down the road. This is my first non-BoltWire post!

Currently, I am experimenting with a new social media tool called Buffer. Basically this service allows you to hook up social media accounts to a single dashboard, to make it easy to push posts to all those platforms from one place. It also features a queue you can fill up with future posts, and then it gradually releases them to your various pages while you are out and about--kind of like drip irrigation. Nice feature. And finally, there are buffer browser extensions you can install to instantly add pages you are viewing to your queue. Pretty cool way to keep your various blogs full of content.

The free plan lets you hook up one account for facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and pinterest. And you can put up to 10 posts in your queue at a time. I am trying their awesome plan, which allows me to hook up as many as 10 accounts. I was able to hit that limit pretty easily--but may separate some of those accounts off into a separate free account. It also allows you to put as many as 100 posts in your queue, and scan your favorite RSS feeds for news articles to add as well. As a non-profit doing a yearly account it was quite affordable.

So here's a few things I plan to do with it:

1) When I post something to one of my blogs (I have two), I can quickly hit the buffer icon in my browser and immediately post it to whatever social media accounts I want.

2) It's pretty easy to create a list of quotes or similar short snippets. I can do an rss feed that generates one per day and import them into buffer to keep twitter and the rest happy.

3) As I click around the internet, I frequently see something worth sharing. Buffer makes it easy to intersperse content like that within my queue as well. Will be a nice bonus.

If you have found social media complicated and time consuming, or too much trouble to bother with you, Buffer might be the solution. I guess you'll see whether or not it works by whether or not this blog becomes more active!

Do you have a favorite social media tool? Any experiences of your own with Buffer? Please leave your comments in the space below.

Posted by Dan Vis on 07/17/15
Great! The blog entry posted perfectly!!!
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