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Almost There!

Posted June 10, 2015
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Have almost completed the first release of the BoltWire Expansion Pack. In fact, last night I zipped up my first trial release (xpack1.00.zip) and dumped it right on top of a vanilla install of BoltWire, then created a new site.

Everything changed instantly: Skin. Navigation. Permissions. Plugins. It was quite cool. I'm still polishing it up a bit, trying to make sure everything works flawlessly, but it is pretty much ready to go.

The BoltWire site is actually running on a basic install of the xpack right now.

Here's a long list of the modules we plan to include. Of that list, inbox, and notify are not yet ready--though they are old plugins that just need to be dusted off. There's a couple of small features in the power tools module I still need to add. And store, newsletter and social media only need to be imported from other active sites, and optimized. That means 75% of the planned modules are fully functional, and the rest are all pretty close...

The first few releases may be a bit raw, intentionally, as I plan to make the xpack a bit interactive. That is, I intend to ask users to let me know what aspects they may want to make more configurable and add documentation and config options as needed. Those kinds of changes are pretty trivial and so I expect a number of quick releases at first until we settle into something that works how we all want.

If anyone is eager for an early crack at this, let me know--I can go ahead and setup the partners system with minimal trouble, and give you access to a beta version. Otherwise, it may be a several weeks till we go live, as I have a good bit of traveling scheduled over the next few weeks. Thanks for everyone's patience!

Posted by Dan Vis on 06/11/15
Despite a small problem in the chatengine involving smileys, and a permission problem in the forum, things are definitely coming along. Very happy to see the expansion pack starting to feel a bit more stable. I'm using it on another site, and was able to get an amazing amount done in a very short time. Exciting!
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