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Expansion Pack Features

Posted June 8, 2015
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Have pretty much settled on the features we are going to include in the BoltWire expansion pack. And in fact, have pretty much decided we'll call it an expansion pack. I've also been able to get this site organized the way I think it will look once it is available.

If you look in the Downloads area you will see a link in the side menu to Expansion Pack?. It gives a brief description and encourages people to head over to the community area to join the team, and then become a partner.

If you look in the Documentation area, you'll see a list of the various modules that will be included in the expansion pack, and a brief description of the features included in each one. I plan to expand each of those pages with full documentation before we go live. But it gives a good idea what is coming.

Please feel free to browse that section of our site, and let me know what you think of the feature list. Anything we should add? Anything we don't need? Anyone excited about the expansion pack? I know I am!!!

Posted by Ransom Davis on 06/09/15
Hey, I see you got the persistent login working. Logged me right in when I came to the site. Very cool. Is that going to be in the expansion pack also?

When are you going to have it available. I have a project I'm thinking about using it for and would like to give it a try once you get it all working.

Posted by Ransom Davis on 06/09/15
Hey seems there is some problem logging out...

Posted by Dan Vis on 06/09/15
Yes, I didn't realize the persistent login wasn't fully working, and fortunately it only took a slight fix to get it going. As for the logout, that was another little fix. It should work fine for you now.

That's the advantage of having a standardized bunch of modules. Fix it once and it is fixed everywhere for every installation using the code. I'm hoping we will have a good team of partners to make the expansion pack just as good software as the core.

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