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Development Philosophy

Posted June 3, 2015
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Every thing runs on some kind of philosophy, whether conscious or not. BoltWire has a philosophy too:

Keep it Simple, Small, Strong, and Secure

Pretty straightforward. But I use it constantly in making decisions about BoltWire's development. In 5.02, for example--there were more than 15 changes to the software. Three were designed to make existing features easier to use and more intuitive, and the new pluginAuths and loader script make plugin activation easier than ever. Several functions were moved to plugin status and one shared directory with its related vars were eliminated--making this version the smallest release since 2009. At the same time, six changes gave new or improved capabilities to BoltWire, including two aimed at empowering plugin developers. There were no real security patches in this release, but the security system was nailed down more tightly in two places. And three bug fixes got features working more like they were supposed to.

In other words, every change was in line with our development philosophy. As long as we continue to follow these principles, BoltWire will just keep getting better, faster, and more robust.

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