BoltWire is an easy-to-use web development system with surprizing flexibility and power. It's ground-breaking architecture makes it easy to create fully interactive sites without having to learn a line of programming. Best of all, it's free!

The Secret

The secret behind BoltWire's tiny size, yet robust capabilities, is its amazing ZAP engine, that makes complex form processing a snap. BoltWire lets you create forms in seconds that do about anything you want. In fact, EVERY site action is controlled by forms you can edit, giving you TOTAL control over how your site works. In BoltWire, you don't just build content, you build the engine itself--right through your browser!

It's an innovative idea, leading to radical results: incredible power in the tinyiest of footprints. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first web development system of its kind.

Download & Install

To begin exploring BoltWire right now, download our zip file, extract it to your web space, call the start page, and go! It runs on any server with PHP5 and it's a snap to upgrade. The download is fast and should take about one second.

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Our Philosophy

From its beginning, BoltWire's development has been guided by a philosophy that can be summed up in four key principles: keep it simple, small, strong and secure.

Simple     Make installation, extensions and upgrades a snap. Configuration should be straightforward and easy.
Small Under 100k zipped up. Only include the minimum code needed for maximum extensability and speed.
Strong Like a great big toolbox. Give admins power to do about anything, right though their browser.
Secure Tough session-based forms verification, input filtering, and common sense precautions. Flexible permissions.

If our BoltWire philosophy makes sense, and you like the idea of being able to not only manage content, but ANY site interactivity you want, give us a try. We'll help you build your site, bolt by bolt, and wire by wire...

Latest News

February 15, 2015
Just released version 4.22 with several more tweaks and bug fixes. Everything seems to be running great!

Looking ahead to version 5.xx

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Simple to install
Member and group management
Powerful wiki markups
Search and report capabilities
Standards compliant
Easy to extend
Multi-lingual support
Strong session-based security
Cutting-edge forms processing
Absolutely Free!


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BoltWire is a demonstration of a cutting-edge paradigm in web development. Its secret is allowing you to modify the engine as easily as the content. It exists to empower you to create fully interactive sites without having to learn a line of programming.

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