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Latest News: Just released (4.15) with a couple bug fixes related to some of our new code. It also adds a columns feature to the report generator. Have completed tagging the docs and am now updating the various extensions. Looking at 5.xx!


BoltWire is an easy to use web development engine with surprizing flexibility and power. It has the various strengths of a cms, database, search engine, and more, all rolled into one. It's ground-breaking architecture makes it possible for users to create fully interactive sites without having to learn a line of programming. Best of all, it's free!

Download & Install

To begin exploring BoltWire right now, just extract the zip file below to your web space, cut and paste a few lines of text to an index page, and go! Details here. It runs on any server with PHP5 and it's a snap to upgrade. The download is tiny and should take about one second. You can get the cutting-edge 4.15 release right here:

Our Secret

The secret behind BoltWire's tiny size, yet robust capabilities, is its amazing ZAP engine, that makes form processing a snap. BoltWire lets you create forms in seconds that can do about anything you want. In fact, ALL site actions are controlled by forms you can edit right through your browser, giving you FULL control over every aspect of how our software works. In BoltWire, you don't just build content, you build the engine itself!

Key Features

Some of BoltWire's main features are listed below. For a more complete list, visit our features page:

  • Simple to install and upgrade
  • Run multiple sites off one installation
  • Easy member and group management
  • Powerful built in wiki markups
  • Search and report capabilities
  • Standards compliant
  • Easy to extend
  • UTF-8 and multi-lingual support
  • Strong session-based security
  • Cutting-edge forms processing

BoltWire let's you build your site, bolt by bolt, and connect your users wire by wire.
Give it a try...

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